How to create subscription build box?

You can create a Build box bundle with a subscription. All Subscription plans which you have created will appear in the "Build Box" section. And you will be able to create a Build box for subscription plans by enabling the bundling feature. All the products added to the Subscription plan will show in the Build box bundle.

Step 1. Please navigate to the "Bundle" section within the application and click on "Create Build Box" option.

Step 2. Please provide the required information for the Box, such as the Box Name and Box Widget Title. Make sure to fill in all the necessary data that you wish to display on the Build Box Page.

Minimum and Maximum Product Quantity: Define the minimum and maximum quantity of products that customers must add to proceed to the cart page.

Box Fixed Limit Message: Please provide a message to be displayed when the maximum limit of items in a box is reached.

Products per Row in the Grid: Specify the number of products that will be displayed in a single row in the grid.

Step 3: Please select the subscription plan for which you would like to create a build box bundle.

(Note: All products included in the specific subscription plan will be displayed in the bundle.)

Step 4. If you want to display one image like a banner on the top of bundle widget on bundle widget then you can add one image in feature image.

Step 5. To apply a discount to the box, please click on the checkbox labeled "Use Discount". Then, you will be able to set either a percent discount or a fixed discount.

If you wish to restrict the discount offer to specific recurring payments, you may choose one of the available options.

Finally, click on "Update" to save the changes made to the box configuration.

(Note: If you have set the discount at the time of creating Subscription plans and you also set Discount in Build box so both discounts will apply if the Customer purchases Build box subscription.)

Step 6. You can see the Build Box Subscription as below given:-

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