Create Subscriptions Plan

Step 1. Go to the Utterbond Subscription app >> Subscription Plans >> Click on "Create Subscription Plan".

Step 2. Add Basic information and frequency.

Internal name:- It will use to identify plans in the app admin.

Plan Name:- It will display on the product page.

Frequency Prefix:- It will display on the product page before the frequency list.

Step 3. Select Frequency type as per your need and fill up all the information on the interval label, and ship the product.

Step 4. For enabling the discount on subscription, enable the checkbox of "Apply Discount" option and set discount (Percentage or Fixed).

(Note:- Once a discount is set for a subscription plan then it can not be disabled.)

You can also change the discount after a specific recurring cycle. For that enable "Change Discount After".

Step 5. If you want to change the shipping charges after a specific recurring cycle then you can enable the option of "Shipping After Cycle" and set number of cycle and shipping price.

Step 6. Click on the "Show Advanced Setting".

Once you fill up all information with description, then click on the "Save" button.

Step 7. Once you click on the save button then you will get the option of "Add Frequency" to create more frequency in one subscription plan.

Step 8. Use Tagging Preferences to add tags to the subscription plan:-

We are providing Order, Customer, and Both options as tagging preferences so you can set them as per your requirements.

i) Order - The tag you add to the subscription will be applied to the order when the customer purchases the subscription plan.

ii) Customer - The tag you add to the subscription will be assigned to the customer when they purchase the subscription plan.

  • Dynamic Tag Prefix - This feature dynamically converts the entered tags. For instance, if you've added the tag "Subscribed", upon customer order placement, the tag will be appended in this format: Subscribed_773557324, incorporating the subscription ID as a prefix.
  • Auto Remove Tag - Enabling this feature will remove assigned tags from customers upon cancellation or pausing of the subscription plan.

iii) Both - The tag you add to the subscription will be assigned to both the order and the customer when the customer purchases the subscription plan.

Step 9. Select the product for subscription:-

We are providing both options so you can set them as per your requirement.

i) Choose a specific Product

ii) Choose a specific collection

Step 10. After creating a plan, the preview will show on the right side of the window on the app backend.

Step 10. You will be able to check the Subscription widget on the product page, it will look as below:-

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